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A multi-asset portfolio providing all round-performance

Reliable Performance with Hedge against Risk. Create a portfolio with different asset classes like Gold, Stocks, Bonds & Global Indices in just one click.

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Why All Rounder?

Hedge against Risk

Strong Research backed by AI

Algorithm back-tested for 15+ yrs.

Multi-Asset Investment

Reliable Performance

How It Works?

With so many investment options, deciding where to invest becomes a challenge. This is where the rounder plays an important role.

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Traditional Investment Approach VS All Rounder Investment Approach

Monitor Market Activity Manually

This approach and process are time-consuming.

Monitors Market Activity Manually

This approach and process are not time-consuming.

High Risk Factor

Risk is higher when human decision-making is involved.

Minimize Risk

Al-algorithms research market trends 24*7 to minimize risk.

Irregular Performance

When risk is involved, performance is compromised.

Optimal Performance

Back-tested for 15+ years to deliver consistent performance.

Human Bias

Human emotions like stress affect our decision-making.

Zero Human Bias

Al purely reacts to market activities and trends.

Comparison with Mutual Fund

All Rounder generates 2x returns when compared to mutual fund schemes. This is because it is actively managed. With the power of AI, it’s even diversified in different asset classes.

The biggest disadvantage that professional fund managers face with mutual funds are the stringent regulations. These guidelines limit flexibility and impact their ability to deliver an alpha. In contrast, All Rounder allocates money smartly across different asset classes as per market ups and downs.

Both mutual funds and All Rounder charge a similar fee. Mutual funds have a cost structure ranging from 1.5-2% that is attached to the AUM. With All Rounder, thankfully, there’s a flat charge.

Advisory Team

With over decades of experience in wealth management, our team is always there to assist you with managing your portfolio.

Dr.Chintan Vora

Dr. Chintan has 17 yrs. experience in managing the portfolios of HNI investors. He worked with ICICI Bank, HSBC, & ICICI Securities With a postgraduate degree in Finance and Marketing & a Doctorate PhD in Management, he is a CFP & an alumnus of IIM-Calcutta.

Rajendra Mangaonkar

Rajendra has over 25 yrs. of experience in Trading Systems Design & Development. Previously, he worked as a consultant for broking houses like Aditya Birla and Angel Broking. Currently at 5nance, he’s responsible for delivering wealth management advisory. He is a Graduate in Computer Science from DY Patil, Mumbai.

All Rounder is designed to any investors as profiling determines the suitability in accordance to the investors’ risk taking ability. It is an all-weather portfolio which is designed to reduce volatility thereby achieving stable returns on an annual basis. This is the timeframe which FD investors usually invest for. At the same time stocks in the portfolio take care of the growth required to effectively tackle inflation.

5nance is an wealth advisory platform and going forward we will be an Associated Partner with a global broker.

  • 5nance helps with curated advisory which is driven by an AI based system which is continuously evolving with practical intelligence. The intention of this advice is to maxmise investment returns to achieve consistent returns with minimal non-leveraged risk.

To execute the advice provided it is essential to invest into stocks and ETFs which can be bought and held in a demat account.

The advisory fee is charged so that the built systems and technology can be made more robust and future proof so that 5nance can continue to provide optimised services to achieve high performance.

The research team works very closely with the technology team to build and maintain systems to optimise and improve investment portfolio performance.

The investment philosophy is an ever-evolving philosophy focussed on future growth. Being a technology company ourselves, our ethos is also driven by investing into the future be it for investor portfolios or even when it is for our team and processes.

The model begins with early warning signals which takes in consideration a whole host of global and India specific macro-economic parameters. When securities are chosen, parameters like sustainability, management quality, unit economic analysis and many others are quantified to bring to the fore high caliber securities. These are again analysed with the price action theory. The above parameters are also under continuous incremental transition and evolution.

There is no such requirement. Though for execution services a minimum investment of Rs. 200,000 is required which is also ideal.

There is a flat fee of Rs.7500 per annum to introduce it to a large investor base. Going forward 2.5% per annum will be charged on the investment amount.

There is no lock-in period. We recommend to stay invested for 3 years to get optimal results.

There could be periods when All Rounder underperforms important indexes. That is when we track, take stock and course correct. In recent years there has been an underperformance of a maximum of 3 consecutive months.

  • Over the investment period of 3 years you can expect consistent returns.

The product is designed to protect during market downturns. This is achieved by investment in high calibre securities and prompt shifts in asset allocation to have a sophisticated hedged portfolio.

This product has no hidden fees.

Usually the holding period is more than a year. Therefore a 10% long term capital gains tax is applicable. Only in a few cases short term capital gains tax of 15% will have to be paid.

It is an absolute return product and the two main features of the product’s core are:

  • 1. High caliber stocks to be invested into. Hence even in difficult phases for equities, these stocks are still protected.
  • 2. Accurate asset allocation in context to the systemic conditions to protect during tough phases while taking advantage of asset.

There are stocks and ETFs that can be bought and held in the demat account. For risk-off investments ETFs can be held while stocks can cover the growth requirements.

No investment can have guarantees, not even government bonds. Though the portfolio is well diversified with multiple asset classes, the risk is prudently managed.

Always it is the investor’s discretion whether they want to act or not. We provide our advisory basis the entire portfolio, hence many a times a particular stock or ETF might not look lucrative on its own but is very relevant in context of the entire portfolio.

No. of complaints as per SEBI guidelines

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