Loan Against Securities

The Affiliated firm is registered with Reserve Bank of India ("RBI") as an NBFC with effect from October 1, 2018. The Company is into Lending business, its primary product being loan against securities ("LAS").

LAS as a product is a secured lending portfolio for the Company and it helps the borrower to meet their monetary requirement by pledging their securities in favor of the Company without giving away the corporate benefits like bonus and dividends associated with the securities. Benefits of Loan against Shares:

  • Continued ownership of securities offered as collateral
  • Enjoy Corporate Benefits like dividends, bonus issue, income from investments
  • Buy Shares without selling long term investments
  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Get Loans upto 50% of share value.

  • Features:
    • Is a secured Loan. Debentures, shares, bonds or mutual funds may be offered as collateral.
    • Eligibility: Resident Indians between the age of 18 years to 75 years and Entities i.e. HUFs, Partnership firm, LLPs, Private/Public Limited Companies incorporated/registered in India.
    • The loan amount depends on the security the borrower is offering.
    • Repayment of Loan on Demand.
    • Quick Loan Processing
    • Security swap facility
    Preliminary Documents Required:
    • KYC Documents
    • Latest DP Holding Statement
    • Income proof
    • Pledge Creation Form

    Interest that will be charged to the customers may range between 0.5% to 15% above the cost of capital / fund of the Company (as may be changed from time to time), which may be compounded at monthly rests. The interest may accrue monthly/quarterly as per the terms of the agreement with the client.
    The Loan account/client would be categorised into Low, Medium & High category on a case to case basis for ascertaining gradation of risk which may be based on combination of various factors such as nature of the product, amount of loan, credit worthiness of the borrower, nature and quality of security, portfolio concentration, CIBIL Score, market reputation, client type, listed promoter group account, interest, default risk in related business segment, net-worth vis a vis loan availed, interest servicing capacity, historical performance, tenure of relationship with the borrower, repayment track record of the borrower in case of existing customer, and other factors as applicable.

    The rate of interest shall be fixed on the basis of the risk gradation of the client and while deciding the interest rate and other charges, the rate offered by competitors in the market would also be taken into consideration.


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