With the goal of generating consistent profits, Portfolio Management Service offers professional financial portfolio management of your PMS investments. With features like frequent reviews and excellent risk management flexibility, Portfolio Management Service frees you from any monitoring chores and is the perfect PMS investing option for high net worth investors.

  • Experienced fund managers
  • Diversified portfolio management to reduce risk
  • Strong and active risk management
  • Active and regular monthly review
  • Quality stock selection
  • Option to Add Virtual Cash


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  • Multiple product offerings
  • Switch from one strategy to other
  • Mothly performance report
  • Access your PMS investment anytime
  • Local client servicing across India

The strategy aims to benefit from the long term compounding effect on investments done in good businesses, run by great business managers for superior wealth creation.
The strategy aims to generate long term capital appreciation by creating a focused portfolio of high growth stocks having the potential to grow more than the nominal GDP for next 5-7 years across and which are available at reasonable market prices.
The strategy aims to deliver superior returns by investing in stocks from sectors that can benefit from the Next Trillion Dollar GDP growth by focusing on different multi-cap stocks.
Investment Objective & Philosophy: The investment objective of the Strategy is to achieve long term capital appreciation by primarily investing in equity & equity related across market capitalization.
Investment Objective & Philosophy: The Strategy aims to deliver superior returns by investing in stocks from sectors that can benefit from India's emerging businesses. it aims to predominantly invest in Small and Midcap stocks with a focus on identifying potential winners. Focus on sectors and companies which promise a higher than average growth.

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