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Hey everyone. I hope you all are doing well. As we are enjoying this monsoon season of 2021, the SEBI has also contributed by providing opportunities to Indian companies to rain their shares in the open market through IPOs.

Let’s get some brief knowledge about it!

Initial Public Offering (IPO): where the basic meaning of the first word ‘Initial’ stands for the starting or the beginning, ‘Public’ concerning the people as a whole and ‘Offering’ is something offered to someone.
Therefore, IPO is the term where companies offer their shares to the public in an open market for the very first time.

There was a time when several companies came into the picture in this category. Got listed themselves. But many of us remained unaware of them, their name or their business model.
But now the time has changed. Numerous IPOs are being listed on the Indian Stock Exchange every month since 2020. Most of them have brought a drastic change in the market.