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TGS is a semi-Algorithmic tool based on a predictive trading engine for traders using machine learning and deep industry insights. It spots trading opportunities by continuously scanning the market on parameters live price, volume and open interest, and building higher trading decisions.

  • Works in all segments viz Equity, Derivatives, Commodity & Currency.
  • Suitable for all trading styles, i.e. Positional, Swing, Intraday & Momentum.
  • Pre-defined technical rules for generating buy/sell trading ideas.
  • Real-time trading ideas for buying and short selling
  • Trailing Stop Loss facility to manage risks
  • 1- click trade execution with pre-planned trading rules

Key Features

Signal Tracker
Real-time tracker for all current and upcoming trade ideas

Performance Tracker
Online back-tested reports to understand performance, margins and MTM investment requirements for each scrip and each trading preferences.

Market Trendicator
Comprehensive market trendicator provides Live Market Trend, Strength of the Trend & Sector Heat Map

Trading Planner
Order parameters like trade quantity or trade value can be pre-set for each scrip separately to avoid order placement time during execution.

It is an advance option trading platform with intelligence and intuition to find and execute ideal option strategies.

  • Advanced tools for analyzing your trades
  • Performance analysis of options using Greeks and Payoff matrix
  • Event tracker and FII/DII data.
  • Custom options strategy builder for advanced option traders
  • Analytical tools to track open interest & options strategies performance
  • Option Screener to find suitable buying and selling opportunities
  • Various warnings and insights about risks, expiry, holidays and more
  • Practice options trading with virtual money

Key Features

Strategy Builder
Just specify your market view, up/down/neutral, and quickly get suggestions on options strategy based on your perspective

Virtual Trade
Create and analyse option strategies by paper trading with Virtual moneyes.

Strategy Analysis
Get important information like Greeks, payoffs, and breakeven analysis to analyze option strategies created by you before execution

Events Calendar
Keep track of upcoming events which may impact your F&O positions

This innovative tool helps plan, build, and execute up to four legged option strategies based on the spread. The user can set the trading parameters based on pre-defined strategies which eliminate the need for continuously monitoring the market. Thus, it reduces the opportunity cost and allows for the better discovery of price during the execution of the option strategy. The tool also helps in Realtime monitoring of the strategies.

  • Build customised and pre-defined option strategies.
  • Define Entry, Exit and Stoploss in a single order.
  • Execute the desired spread in just one click without manual intervention.
  • Option to create up to four legged strategies in any combination.

Key Features

Custom Strategy Builder
Create pre-defined or customised strategies with a combination of your choice of Futures and options

Smart Strategy Grid
Track individual legs of the strategy or as a whole with key parameters like open and traded orders

One-Click Spread Level Execution
Define entry/exit and stoploss conditions for spread positions and execute multi-leg spread level orders in a single click with minimum slippages

Tradetron is a multi-exchange Algo strategy platform which allows traders to create their trading Algos or use Algos created by other traders.

  • No Software Download, data linking or extra charges required for the data
  • Dedicate bots to your strategy for fast & continuous conditions checking & execution

Key Features

Automate Strategies
Create & Automate quant strategies without the hassles of coding

Dedicated Bots
Dedicate bots to your strategy for fast & continuous conditions checking & execution

Copy Trading
Duplicate the existing strategies & amend as per your use case

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